Who is Sunways?

Sunways is a cutting-edge technology company founded in Konstanz, Germany in 1993, dedicated to developing, manufacturing, producing and distributing PV parts, including inverters for on-grid and energy storage PV systems in residential, commercial and industrial projects, data communication solutions, accessories and applications for monitoring and managing. Since the inception, we have been convinced that the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy such as wind and solar is inevitable. With a strong belief in this trend, Sunways produced a series of technical-leading solar solutions, including on-grid and hybrid inverters, and dominated the solar industry in the late 1990s and millennium.

Where is Sunways?

Sunways’ headquarter as well as the manufacturing base is located in Ningbo, China and has dual operation centers based in Munich, Germany and Wuxi, China. With years of development, Sunways’ business globalization has crossed over Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa for more than 60 countries, and the European market accounts for 60% and 70% of our overall business volume and value.

Why choose Sunways?

Sunways focuses on providing reliable and advanced solar power solutions for customers with cost-effectiveness. Thanks to the CBB (common building block) product design concept that has been widely used in our hardware design and firmware control since the company's inception, Sunways' reaction to new technology in the market is faster than our competitors. This will ensure that Sunways always takes the lead in new product development as well as product iteration and update. Having an operation center in Germany and local teams distributed all over the world, Sunways can quickly address industry challenges in the energy transition, strengthen customer relationships through local team and deliver timely localized services.

What products do Sunways have?

Sunways offers on-grid inverters ranging from 1-125kW in residential, commercial, industrial and ground-mounted projects, provides energy storage solutions of 3-12kW for new or retrofit installations in residential and commercials, as well as accessories and applications for monitoring and managing that helps to build a new energy application pattern that called Energy Connects All.

We work with the best suppliers

Founded in 2010 in Shenzhen, Growatt is a world leader in manufacturing photovoltaic inverters, energy storage systems, smart home energy management devices and car chargers.


The Hopergy brand focuses on researching, manufacturing and engineering products for the installation of photovoltaic systems. Its portfolio includes solutions tailored for both small and large projects.

Shenzhen ATESS Power Technology is a company focused on the development and production of energy storage inverters and vehicle chargers.

LEADER GROUP covers an area of more than 220,000 square meters, owning more than 420 sets of manufacturing equipment and more than 250 sets of testing equipment or apparatus.

Hanersun is a worldwide professional solar module manufacturer and comprehensive energy solution provider. They provide the customers with cutting edge solar modules, and comprehensive services for the entire project life cycle.

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